Will the building be returned as a co-operative?

We are researching community ownership as a priority, so along similar lines.

Why aren’t you fundraising now? (July 2021)

Our current organisation structure is not for profit rather than charitable so we couldn’t take advantage of Gift Aid but also the current grant funded viability and feasibility studies could deliver a recommendation of the group not purchasing the building therefore we would prefer to delay fundraising until the purchase is confirmed.

Have we spoken to local organisations on the same journey?

Yes! We speak regularly to other local heritage projects.

Will the venue be available for film shows as well as live performances?

Yes, as an event.

Will the local community be asked what we could use the building for?

We talk regularly as a group what the spaces could be used for but we need the feedback from everyone. Please get in touch via email or social media and look out for us at physical events in the future to discuss what you’d like to see.

Will schools be able to use the venue?

Our intention is to create a venue for events including end of year/term shows for schools as commercial offerings and private hire.

What’s the budget?

The viability report will produce options and a costed option which will enable us to move forward. We are assuming that the total cost to re-open the building will be between £3m and £5m raised through various grants, loans and donations.

Is the building currently being maintained?

Holding repairs continue to be made.